Don’t Let Tree Problems Stump You

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Avalon Services has the equipment needed to tackle any stump grinding job. Home and business owners alike will benefit from our stump removal service. We’ll get to work quickly so you can enjoy a stump-free yard.

Hire us for outstanding stump grinding and removal in West Falls, NY and the surrounding areas.

Why choose stump grinding over other tree removal methods?

Stump grinding yields a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Fast removal. Stump grinding is quicker than traditional tree removal methods.
  • Landscape improvement. Once we’re done grinding your stump, the wood can be used as mulch for your lawn.
  • Minimal damage. By focusing on the heart of the stump, we minimize damage to surrounding trees and plants.
  • Positive environmental impact. Stump grinding is more efficient and uses less energy than traditional tree removal methods.

If you need stumps removed from your property, call Avalon Services. We’ll be more than happy to handle your tree stump removal job.

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