How far below the ground do you grind when removing a stump?

We generally grind 4”-5” below grade when removing a stump. This is deep enough to establish a fresh bed of topsoil for new grass to grow very well. We can grind up to 14” below ground level for instances when a new tree will be planted in place of the stump. Please clarify this in advance, as it involves additional work.

Are you insured?

Of course, we carry liability insurance to protect ourselves and our valued customers for whom we do work. Homeowners should ALWAYS request proof of insurance from any contractor who is working on their premises.

How long will it take to grind a stump?

There are several factors that will influence how long it takes to complete a job. The type of tree, how long has it been cut down, which machine we have on site, how big it is, and how many stumps there are all affect the time needed for completion. Very small stumps can often be ground below grade in a matter of a few minutes. Conversely; very large stumps can sometimes take 45 minutes or longer.

How close can you safely grind near a deck/foundation/pool/garage/shed, etc.?

Our latest machine is remotely operated, giving the operator a clear perspective while grinding. There are settings which we can change to slow the machine’s operation, and we can safely get within 2 inches of any existing structures.

Will your equipment destroy our lawn?

No. We have two machines, both of which are designed to tread lightly on yards. The larger machine is on tracks specifically designed to minimize lawn disturbance. Our smaller machine is only marginally larger than a riding lawn mower and distributes its weight between 6 tires. Both machines are VERY turf-friendly. In fact, we regularly grind stumps for golf courses with both of our machines.

What should be done with the wood chips?

Removal of wood chips is never included in the grinding price. We do not take the wood chips, but they are excellent mulch. The larger the stumps, the more wood chips will be produced when the stumps are removed. If the stumps are in a lawn (seeded) area, the wood chips should be removed completely and fresh topsoil used to fill the void before seeding the area. If not, the wood chips will break down over time, leaving a depression where the stump once stood.

How do you prefer payment?

We currently accept cash, checks, and credit cards as payment. We appreciate payment at the completion of our work, and never before our customers are 100% satisfied with the job performed.

Can I get an estimate over the phone?

There are many factors considered when pricing any job, and stump grinding is no exception. If customers accurately measure the widest diameter of a stump at ground level (including sprawling roots and the raised ground surrounding stumps) we can usually give a fairly accurate phone estimate. We always offer no-obligation, free, in-person estimates. This always serves well to eliminate any misunderstandings.

We have a yard with only a narrow gate for access. Can your equipment get to our stump(s)?

Yes, both of our machines are self-propelled and designed to fit through 36” gate openings.

If you have additional questions, feel free to ask!